Thank you for your interest in purchasing bulk amounts of Mount Rose Medical’s Imported Purple Afghani Poppy Seeds. Shipped directly overseas after their harvest from immature poppy pods, the strain of Papaver Somniferum is cultivated for many medicinal purposes. For those looking to brew poppy seed tea or any other culinary purpose, this bulk listing of 50lbs A-1 grade unwashed poppy seeds have an unmistakable earthy, not peppery scent. These seeds are originated from Afghani & Middle Eastern farms collectives imported to America.

These seeds are FDA graded for human consumption, however they are processed with only irradiation to kill bacteria & mechanical screen shifting to remove foreign particulates. Our poppy seeds are considered among some of the highest quality in the world for their ability to help bring wellness to those that need relief. We order bulk batches directly from overseas suppliers in The Middle East and can supply up to 200lbs per week per customer.

This listing is ideal for small online and retail businesses that want to supply their own poppy seeds at a profitable margin or poppy seed tea users looking to have a long term stock  of seeds. PayPay Financing is available to purchase now and pay later, with most applicants accepted within minutes. These seeds are shipped via freight and fulfilled within up to 5 business days. Email & phone communication to coordinate receiving orders available upon request. Shipping fees are $1/lbs or $50 per 50lbs order.

100% refund guaranteed for any defectively shipped poppy seed products.